The 7 customer experience areas where marketers are already using AI – TWO CHARTS show the trend

Artificial Intelligence is moving from being a buzzword to implementation.

AI offers the promise of one-to-one personalization to deliver engaging customer experiences.

And high-performing marketers are starting to use machine learning driven AI in a strategic manner.

Namely, how to personalize the overall customer journey.

In that sense, they are starting to use machine learning beyond product recommendations. Rather, they’re trying to understand users journeys within and across their channels.

The holy grail?
Predict the consumer’s journey in the future to deliver a personalized user experience.


The charts in this report are from two Salesforce reports. One done in 2017 and other completed in December 2018.

Based on the similarity of questions, approach, and audience, these two charts show an interesting trend. How marketers perceptions and use of AI has changed in the last two years.

My takeaways from comparing both the charts are at the bottom.

Chart ONE: Marketers actively using AI to improve customer experience in 2019

Chart Two: Marketers prioritizing areas for AI in 2017

AI usage to enhance customer experience chart - 2017 report

Key Takeaways

  • 29% of Marketers are now using AI (compared to 20% in 2017) to improve their customer experience. A notable increase of 47%.
  • Improving customer segmentation sees the biggest jump from 2017 (277% increase). It shows the desire to serve up highly personalized experiences. 
  • 83% of Marketers are trying to personalize the overall customer journey, up from 61% in 2017.
  • Marketers are equally keen about personalizing individual channels (82%) and promotional offers (83%).
  • Using AI to automate social interactions is new. This reflects the growing trend of support requests coming from social channels.
  • Being able to predict customer journeys using AI is low on the totem pole. I suspect this will be much higher in the next survey.

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