Customer experiences that convert

Learn how to understand customer behaviour and design outstanding customer experiences

Customer alignment is essential for growth

Consumers use great or easy to describe experiences that align with their needs, without changing their habits or workflows.

But most people design without a clear knowledge of what their customers want, preferring to copy what seems to be working elsewhere.


This mis-alignment lowers conversion and adoption, killing growth.

I’ve spent nearly two decades helping people create customer alignment and successfully grow their products and services.

And I’d love to help you.

A great experience results when you align your experience to your target customers’ buying and usage journeys.

What a customer aligned experience looks like

See the persuasion blueprint of a customer aligned experience

Customer aligned experiences shift people from “Why should I” to “Why wouldn’t I”  thinking.

Speed up your journey to customer aligned experiences

Customer alignment is easier than you think

Use a nimble framework to get there quickly

Focused Behavior

Unearth your target users’ fears and motivations

Persuasion Alignment

Create persuasion blueprints across key customer journeys

Experience Design

Design and test  the end user expeience

I will speed up your journey

Boost your conversion and retention. Starting today

Happy clients

The most refreshing part about Subir is his seasoned expertise. Having him part of the team increases the quality and timeliness of the final outcome.
Aaron Morton
Subir has the right combination of user experience expertise and business understanding. He helped us synthesize our branding, product marketing, and purchasing funnel into one coherent experience.
Pat Nicholson
His trainings are of great value as we strive to be more successful in our business. He can interact with a variety of people with different stakes and come up with solutions that work for everyone.
Henri Wintz
Subir is a supremely talented UX expert with deep experience creating multi-channel solutions for iconic global brands. He's also incredibly easy to work with.
Kareem Fahmi