Design Thinking Workshop

Grow your teams' skillset and mindset to skyrocket product growth

Level-up in hours, not weeks

Practitioner-led training
Painless integration

Learn and immediately apply soft skills to solve product and process issues while lowering friction

What I like about Subir's approach to UX is he focuses on simplifying the user experience so that the user journey is a natural flow and easy for a user to follow and to understand.
Shaun T
Product Manager

Level up skillsets and shift mindsets

A battle-tested framework for fresh thinking and fast problem solving

Personalized Approach

A simple design thinking framework, tailored to your specific needs

Stale to Fresh

Replace outdated beliefs with fresh, innovative ideas

Painless Decision-Making

Lower friction among teams to create KPI busting solutions

People and Brand Growth

Change behavior along with skillsets to grow people and products

He engaged the group with a balanced mix of presentation and hands-on group activities. We left with tangible design tips and insights that were immediately applicable to helping us improve application conversion and our onboarding experience.

Elaine Harman

VP Digital
Patelco Product Team Workshop

Success stories in Design Training

I have used this system with individuals and teams to help them grow their business efficiently and predictably. Year after year.

Customer Journey
Customer journey training that helped a team of planners win a multi-million business in 3 weeks
Design Process
Establish design thinking with experience principles to map out a financial application revamp from scratch
Digital Transformation
Content strategy workshop that helped a print magazine become digital-first and grow to 2M monthly views in 18 months
Design Thinking
Trained a 100+ person tech team to build desirable and sustainable solutions by asking the right questions

What roles benefit from Design thinking training


Prioritize user stories and fill-in gaps
Build – and sunset – the right features
Minimize post-launch rework


Define the real problem(s) to build the right solution
Build solutions that are sustainable and desirable
Ask the right questions to size correctly


Create the right content and messaging
Align marketing to your customers’ buying journey
Lower your marketing spend


Transform your team’s ROI and the end-result
Foster an engaged, collaborative environment
Leapfrog your peers and competitors

What's included in Design Thinking Workshop:


* As a working UX practitioner, I focus on only what’s required to get results and skip hard-to-implement methodologies.

** All exercises are relevant to the industry and can be customized to the brand.

Your design thinking trainer

A practicing UX pro from San Francisco

Here’s what makes my training easy to apply
  1. Approachable: Smple words and metaphors
  2. Behavioral: Overcome inertia to change
  3. Learn-Apply-Repeat: Ingrain learnings quickly
  4. Contextualize: Connect the dots for everyone
  5.  Results not Volume: Focus on easy adoption, not overload

Explore Design Thinking workshops

Design Thinking

Grow your product and people efficiently by lowering friction and increasing creative collaboration

Persuasive Design
Skyrocket your marketing and product conversions by shifting from vanilla usability to persuasive design
Customer Journey
Solve your customers’ buying, onboarding and usage journeys to accelerate your product growth

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