CX Training

Uplevel your team

Create customer aligned experiences

Today’s consumer embraces companies whose customer experiences align with their needs.

How do you transform your team – and your company – to manage the ever-increasing pace of changes in technology and customer expectations.

Especially as your launch windows get smaller. And your wishlists only get longer.

Relying on agencies usually requires big budgets and compromising on speed.

There’s a way to become a nimble, customer-centric culture.

A practical training approach that helps multi-functional teams solve tough problems on their own. Every day.

Problems I help solve

  • Simplify complexity by distilling the who and why
  • Bring design thinking into every-day meetings
  • Use a simple framework to understand customer needs
  • Make meetings and brainstorms productive
  • Take small risks to avoid big failures
  • Speed up decision-making
  • Lower friction – within teams and with customers
  • Manage and plan for disruption
  • Lowering reliance on external agencies
  • Understand 

My training is designed to move from learning to doing - daily meetings, brainstorms, stand-ups - as seamlessly as possible. So you will only get the right set of techniques, workflows and tools you can apply right-away.

Subir Kumedan

Customized Training Options

Immersive Training

Training that helps you shift individuals and teams to a customer-centric mindset. This training uses a simple framework designed to speed up decision making and be used in every-day problem solving. You get practical hands-on learning, tools, techniques, templates and coaching to help you tackle complex customer-facing challenges on your own.
  • Create continuous improvement
  • Get closer to your customers and keep them longer
  • Grow efficiently without compromising on brand values or quality
  • Plan and launch experience in phases

Problem-solving Training

Focused workshops that help your team learn how to efficiently solve customer-facing problems. A few of the workshops I have conducted:

  • Customer Journeys (persuasion-focused)
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Conversion optimization
  • Experience principles creation
  • Persuasion blueprints creation

CX Curriculum

Training designed for companies with distributed teams or offices and there is an acute need for a consistent approach to customer experience creation and delivery. This training combines in-person and online training – both live and recorded. The combination of workshops, webinars and optional courses along with a library of materials and templates, are efficient in training at scale. And onboarding new employees and contractors quickly and efficiently.

CX Pilot Engagement

This combines a consulting engagement, process integration and individual/team mentoring to embed a customer-centric approach and show results by the end of the engagement. We work on a real project from start to end and launch an experience at the end of the engagement. This approach creates UX expert(s) within your company and delivers the confidence to lead future engagements without relying on external expertise.

Happy clients

I bring everyone together by caring about their success - personal and professional
The most refreshing part about Subir is his seasoned expertise. Having him part of the team increases the quality and timeliness of the final outcome.
Aaron Morton
Subir has the right combination of user experience expertise and business understanding. He helped us synthesize our branding, product marketing, and purchasing funnel into one coherent experience.
Pat Nicholson

Why work with me

What you see is what you get. A transparent, ego-free individual who cares about your sucess.

Keep it Simple​

Simple words, stories and metaphors to make important experience concepts stick​

A common vision​

Get team members and executives on the same vision for the customer experience​

Bust myths & opinions

Bring clarity on customer needs and actions, while busting myths, opinions, and hidden biases​

Leave experts behind​

Share my knowledge and mentor people to create future user experience experts​

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