Create Persuasive Experiences

Build or grow your business profitably
…even if you’re not a designer and are a complete newbie
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In this Masterclass

You Will Learn


A step by step approach to create a highly persuasive user experience

What persuasive experiences
have in common

What enabled certain tiny startups to scale and become giants while others died on the vine? Hint: it has little to do with time or money.

Design without getting overwhelmed

Most people do this backward. Spending too much time on design, imagery, colors even call to actions. And quickly get bogged down in decision-making. I'll show you a simple way to avoid being overwhelmed and start the right way first

Build your persuasive experience

People choose the experience that 'talks to them' the most - one they feel was built just for them. I'll show you how you can create your own high-persuasion experience.

Who should attend

this Live Online Training?

Who this training is for?
Who this training is for?

Every day, thousands of your likely customers fire up a browser and look for a solution to their most-pressing problems.

Credit card in hand, they make embark on buying journeys to solve pressing problems. Overwhelmingly, consumers choose the brand or product whose user experience most-closely aligns with their needs and expectations.

An experience that promises to be simple, efficient and most importantly – solve their problem without needing them to change their habits, behaviors or workflows.

The big question is

Does your user experience cut it?

When your desirable ‘customer’ arrives – does your user experience persuade them or does it, like most experiences do, make them move on.

Does your user experience effectively

…your prospects to try you out or become your customer
…your customers to stick around
…your customers to buy more than once

In my long experience, there is a single big cause behind the companies and individuals who successfully and predictably grew their businesses.

They aligned their experience closely to their customer’s buying and usage journeys. An experience that didn’t need

That’s because they wanted to show everything to everyone…

Business-to-business companies need a persuasive experience to make high-value anonymous visitors identify themselves and their interest, online.

Small business companies need a customer aligned experience to acquire customers without blowing their budget. And also get the right customers, ones that will stay with them for a long time.

You spend all this time learning how to build email lists, creating sales funnels, marketing – or even the new one – launching your own podcasts.

But you still drive them to your website for conversion – so what would you rather do first?

Is there a way to create strong persuasion without needing fancy design or time-consuming personalization?

With your limited time and budget, how you create a persuasive experience, one that seems was tailor-made for your target customers.

And who’s your source? Let’s find out…

Who's your source

Hi, I’m Subir Kumedan.

I’m a practicing User Experience strategist and designer, based in San Francisco.

For the last 20 years, I have helped individuals and teams of all sizes and shapes create customer aligned experiences and watched them become successful – professionally and personally.

And I can’t wait for you to be part of that journey as I motivate and cheer you on to the finish line.

Will you join me?

The most refreshing part about Subir is his seasoned expertise. Having him part of the team increases the quality and timeliness of the final
Aaron Morton
Subir has the right combination of user experience expertise and business understanding. He helped us synthesize our branding, product marketing, and purchasing
Pat Nicholson

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