Behavior-led Design for Product Growth

User experience approaches haven’t changed in the last decade. 

But everything else has. 

As customer buying journeys change, and competitors blossom at a dizzying pace, you need a new approach.

Usability led approaches worked when a visual, easy to use website was enough to stand out. 

Today you need to persuade prospects and customers equally to choose you. 

I focus on consumer buying and usage journeys to ensure high-growth product and marketing user experiences. 

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I. Clarify the Why


I start by understanding the WHY from varied perspectives and multiple angles.

Then I know how to solve the right problems that not only help the team achieve their project goals, but also set them up for broader success.

My ultimate goal is to leave the team in a better place than before and give them the skills to solve problems in the future. 


Typical activities include

  • Project conversations
  • Data and research review
  • Understanding team dynamics and culture

II. Clarify the Who


User behaviors are always changing. Even more so, post-Covid. As a CEO recently remarked to me “We’re all consumers now”. 

I use user research to not only align to changing ‘buying’ journeys but also to understand the internal beliefs and mindsets I need to shift. 

Typical activities include

  • User research
  • User segmentation
  • Customer journey workshops

It takes someone special to be able to cut through the noise of details to help you distill the right solution. Subir has the expertise and talent to do that. His knowledge is priceless.

Linda Riffle |  Program Manager  |  Seagate

III. Blueprint the Experience

Create persuasive user journeys, and UX concepts

Marketing and Product
The next step is to design journeys that walk a prospect – or existing customer – from curiosity to conversion. Efficiently. 

Typical activities include

  • Design thinking workshops/sessions
  • High-level journey flows
  • Persuasion ladder
  • UX requirements gathering

What I like about Subir's approach to UX is he focuses on simplifying the user experience so that the user journey is a natural flow and easy for a user to follow and to understand.

Shaun Taggert  |  Product Manager

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IV. Design the User Experience

Conversion focused navigation and UI layouts

Design is a collaborative process which varies across organizations and teams. Every project has some similarities

  • Neither I, nor the team are the end-users.
  • A lot of opinions – informed and others – are baked into the UIs
  • Trends and user behavior are constantly changing

My goal is to bring fresh, timely thinking and overcome outdated assumptions and biases.

Typical activities include

  • Navigation & Breadcrumbs
  • Responsive Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Interface Specifications

I hired Subir to help overhaul our website to elevate the brand and optimize for B2C e-commerce. He was a invaluable partner in helping me reorient our management team (who largely came from enterprise backgrounds) on the customer. The end results were big improvements in conversion and customer satisfaction.

Pat Nicholson  |  Chief Marketing Officer |  Kno

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V. User Test the Experience

Qualitative and quantitative user testing
User testing is our chance to fix everything from big conversion and engagement issues to smaller areas of friction. I also use it to uncover behavior and competitive insights that can make or break the experience before we build and launch.

Typical activities include

  • Test and tool selection
  • Test planning 
  • Participant screener
  • Participant recruiting
  • Prototype creation/modification
  • User Script / Survey question
  • User testing
  • Analysis and report creation

User Experience Consultant Services

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Persuasive user experiences for Product and Marketing.
PRODUCT: The right UX from acquisition to onboarding and servicing.
MARKETING: Effortless conversion and competitive differentiation.

User Research and Testing

Get full clarity on your users’ buying and usage journey

Team Alignment & Mentoring

Mentor team members, leaders and executives to lower friction and increase creative problem-solving.

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