Get to customer alignment. Fast.

Create customer aligned experiences

Consumers have raised the bar for the experiences they desire. 

User experience has also undergone a transformation. It is no longer enough to create a visually pleasing experience. You need to design an experience that aligns to your customers’ needs to meet your conversion and retention goals.

But how do you get to alignment quickly? And how do you maintain alignment as your customers’ needs change?

I help teams of all shapes and sizes create alignment and deliver user-tested experience designs that perform. With every launch.

I use a lean framework, simple words, metaphors and stories to create a common vision and simplify decision making.

How can I help you?


Problems I help solve

  • Simplify complexity
  • Clarify the vision – teams and executives
  • Mesh design thinking with agile problem solving
  • Deliver a framework to launch faster
  • Fix under-performing experiences
  • Fill in the why/why not behind user actions
  • Enhance persuasion across the user journey
  • Build experience roadmaps for phased launches

Flexible Engagements

Customer Alignment

Done for you user experiences that deliver growth.

Understand your customer’s buying (or usage journeys) to create the right set of persuasion blueprints. Then design and test experiences to ensure they perform.

  • Implement a lean, customer alignment approach
  • Clarify your customers' behaviors, fears and motivations
  • Enhance persuasion across the entire customer journey
  • Plan and launch experience in phases

Strategy Roadmaps

Vision roadmaps that help you get to customer alignment. One launch at a time

Align business goals, customer and experience needs. Prioritize and group into discrete launches. Create concepts, share and get buy-in across the organization.

User experience Design

The right experience for your prospects and customers. 

Clarify user behavior and define experience principles. Design user flows and UX concepts to create a common vision.  Design and test interactive wireframes to remove friction from start to end.

Customer-Centric Approach

Mesh design thinking into every day problem solving. 

Understand the company culture, processes and team structure. Create a customer-centric approach that’s easy to learn and integrate without creating major disruption. Leave behind a culture that can understand and adapt to changing consumer needs.

Notable Clients


Happy clients

I bring everyone together by caring about their success - personal and professional
The most refreshing part about Subir is his seasoned expertise. Having him part of the team increases the quality and timeliness of the final outcome.
Aaron Morton
Subir has the right combination of user experience expertise and business understanding. He helped us synthesize our branding, product marketing, and purchasing funnel into one coherent experience.
Pat Nicholson