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Practical design-thinking training to help your team unlock creativiity and lower friction.

Design thinking drives innovation

Design thinking is essential for innovation – because it helps teams create desirable and sustainable solutions.

Design thinking training helps people who aren’t designers to use techniques to solve business and technical problems in an open, collaborative and efficient manner.

This workshop teaches the soft-skills that lower internal friction and create an open, collaborative environment that’s needed for innovative thinking.

Unlock innovation by creating
a powerhouse team

What roles benefit?

  • PRODUCT: Build – and sunset – the right features to boost growth and ROI
  • MARKETING: Create messaging and content that resonates and converts.
  • TECH/IT: Ask the right questions to build desirable and sustainable solutions
  • MANAGERS: Surface creative, non-linear thinking from all team members
  • EXECS: Enhance your brand with the right actions and strategies

What your attendees learn?

  • Learn how to understand the ‘real’ problems
  • Identify biases, unvalidated opinions and bad assumptions
  • Concept ideas – from safe to ‘risky’ aka innovative
  • Rapidly iterate through ideas and initial solutions
  • Validate with customers to remove the guess-work
  • Pick solutions that are desirable, feasible and sustainable

How you benefit?

  • A transformation of your teams’ ROI and the end-result
  • Increased team collaboration and reduced internal friction
  • Solutions that delight customers and employees
  • Prevention of bad investments in time, money and resources Innovation that directly impacts the bottom-line

I was concerned about the time we would need to spend, but I shouldn’t have. Not only did I learn, but we solved for several friction points in our current experience.

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Accelerate your team’s journey to unqualified success

Design thinking training

success stories

Staff reinvention

NcCann NY used design thinking to shift their TV-first planners to become channel agnostic strategists. Their first success winning Diageo within 30 days.

Product Growth

NcCann NY used design thinking to shift their TV-first planners to become channel agnostic strategists. Their first success winning Diageo within 30 days.

Customer Retention

Design thinking helps a digital acquisition team create a lead-gen tool that increases applications thee-fold

Roadmap Planning

A global B2B ecommerce vendor used design thinking training to help their product teams collaborate with business teams worldwide to select and prioritize items for their tech services roadmap

His workshop, attended by product, technology and business owners had several desirable outcomes. Developing our design process, creating a shortlist of tools & methodologies to actually use, actively work through UX challenges and actually make inroads on our target experience

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Design Thinking Process

Workshop Topics

Inspire to action

Today people are overwhelmed with just their current workload. So to learn anything new, they have to be inspred to do so.

I use case studies and compelling stories – which combined with a dash of self-deprecating humor – inspires even jaded attendees to action.

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