Customer Experience Strategy

Adapt to changes in consumer behavior and technology

Customer Experience Strategy Consulting

Adapt to the customer of tomorrow

How does your customer experience strategy help you adapt to rapidly evolving behavior and technology.

How do you prioritize and phase in major and minor upgrades to your digital experiences? And how do you balance resources and budgets with customer needs and competitive pressures?

Get help from a CX strategist, who creates strategies that are personalized to company culture, resources and budgets.

  • User experience strategies to align with a changing consumer
  • Deliver seamless customer journeys
  • Bring customer-centric thinking into your teams
  • Create user experience expertise internally
  • Implement phased roadmaps

US marketing leaders who actively map the customer journey

Source: Salesforce Annual State of Marketing, 2016

Types of Client Engagements

An approach geared to transition from what it is today to what could be tomorrow

Customer Experience Strategy

Customer  experience principles, strategies and concepts

Channel Architecture

Optimize your ecosystem to create seamless customer journeys

Experience Roadmaps

Prioritized roadmap to optimize and enhance your customer experience

Customer Centric Processes

Design techniques to sync your brand goals with customer needs

Customer Journey Mapping

Map changes in consumer behavior to plan for tomorrow’s customer 

Customer Experience Readiness

Identify gaps in skills, team structure and existing workflows

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Subir is a supremely talented UX expert with deep experience creating multi-channel solutions for iconic global brands. He's also incredibly easy to work with.
Kareem Fahmi
What really makes Subir so special is his ability to tie user experience to the broader business' needs. I only wish I could get to work with him more.
Chris Chaya

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