Research & User Testing

Stay on top of changing consumer needs

Research & User Testing

Stay on top of changing consumer needs

Technologies like real-time personalization, AI and Voice are changing the way consumers interact – at home and work. Understanding the why behind user behavior – specifically your target consumers – is the key to survive in a fast changing landscape.

The right kind of consumer research unearths the journeys your consumers take and the mindsets that guide their decisions.

And user testing not only identifies usability issues, but also clarifies the why/ why not behind their actions and purchase triggers.

Get help across all the stages of research and testing. From recruiting the right consumers, to asking insightful questions, actionable recommendations and presentations that change internal mindsets.

Close your customer knowledge gap today.

Marketers planning to invest in machine learning to improve customer journeys.

Source: Econsultancy/Epsilon 2017 Benchmarking Study

Types of Client Engagements

18 years of consumer research and testing across segments, industries and brand size

Qualitative Research

One on one research with persona development and customer journeys

Quantitative Research

Tailor-made research with in-field, surveys and focus groups

Usability Testing

Test planning, recruiting, testing and actionable recommendations

Consumer Journeys

Map opportunities, gaps and triggers for your key user segments

Concept Validation

Interactive UX prototypes to get clear direction and feedback

A/B Testing

Goals and hypothesis definition, testing and insights presentation


What really makes Subir so special is his ability to tie user experience to the broader business' needs. I only wish I could get to work with him more.
Chris Chaya
It takes someone special to be able to use the noise of details to distill the right solution. Subir has the expertise and talent to do that.
Linda Riffle

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